AGA- Emmet B. Keeffe Award in Translational or Clinical Research in Liver Disease

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This award provides $85,000 for one year for a young physician investigator to pursue research on the topic of viral hepatitis, liver transplantation, or other liver disease themed areas.


To enable physician investigators to develop independent, productive research careers in translational or clinical research related to liver disease.


  • The applicant must have an MD or equivalent degree.
  • Senior fellows or early-career assistant professors/instructors/lecturers who are planning to enter or who are working in a hepatology program and who have an interest in liver disease research are eligible to apply. Specifically, this award is designed for (1) an assistant professor or instructor/lecturer junior faculty member appointed to their position within two years or less from the time of application, or (2) a senior fellow in a hepatology training program (for example, in a fourth year of training) with a strong commitment towards a career in liver disease. The applicant must not hold a K (K08 or K23) or R type (R01 or R03) NIH award or a VA Merit or Career Development award.
  • The applicant must be an AGA member at the time of application submission. Please visit or call 301-654-2055, extension 651, for membership information.
  • Candidates must devote at least 50 percent effort to research related to liver disease.


    If notification of extramural funding such as a K or R type award is received prior to the start date of this award, the recipient must select one of the two awards.


  • Funds may be used to support a new endeavor or an on-going project and are intended to support direct research-related activities; indirect costs are not allowed. The proposed research must be a clinical study, an epidemiological study, or involve converting a basic science finding or concept into a product that can be applied to the diagnosis or treatment of disease, thus translating it into human studies. Support for salary is acceptable if this permits protected research time, but is only appropriate for the recipient or non-faculty laboratory personnel. There is no limit on the recipient’s total research support; however, the applicant must clearly state how this award will foster activities beyond those already funded.
  • A letter of recommendation should be provided from the applicant's Division Chief or Chair of the Department of Medicine and should outline support of the candidate and his/her research project.
  • The award recipient must provide IRB approval in addition to other required documentation. If IRB approval is not necessary, an explanation must be provided.
  • Thirty days subsequent to the end of the award term, the recipient must submit to the AGA Research Foundation a scientific progress report and a complete financial statement. Within six months of project completion, the recipient is further expected to prepare a manuscript suitable for publication in Gastroenterology, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology or other refereed journal. This, along with the progress report, will be required to be submitted to the AGA Research Awards Manager.
  • All publications, abstracts and or presentations arising from work funded by this grant must acknowledge support from the AGA- Emmet B. Keeffe Award in Translational or Clinical Research in Liver Disease.


Award recipients will be selected based on the novelty, feasibility and significance of the research proposed. The research environment and the attributes of the candidate will also be considered.


A selection committee comprised of members of the AGA Institute Research Awards Panel will review the proposals and select the award recipient. Funding will commence July 2013.


The application deadline is October 24. The completed application, letters of support or commitment and other documents, as applicable, must be combined into and submitted as one PDF document. The document must be titled by the applicant’s last name and first initial only. Hard copies will not be accepted. Please email the application document to Please direct all questions to the Research Awards Manager by telephone at 301-222-4012 or via e-mail at

This award is funded by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and donations from the friends and family of Emmet Keeffe.