AGA Researcher Directory

Rationale and Goals

The AGA Researcher Directory, now open to non-AGA members, is a tool specifically for researchers to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Identify potential collaborators.
  2. Identify resources that may be shared among fellow researchers.
  3. Identify potential mentors.
  4. Indicate interest in participating in pharmaceutical or device clinical trials.

The goal of this effort is to create a directory of gastroenterological researchers. It is expected that researchers will provide an abstract and descriptors describing their research. AGA reserves the right to share participant information with industry, with the individual participant’s approval.

Video Walkthrough

Before accessing the AGA Researcher Directory, we suggest you become familiar with the platform by viewing a four minute walkthrough video.


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Terms of Use

The AGA Researcher Directory is provided as a tool to enhance the research careers of both AGA members and nonmembers. Information in the AGA Researcher Directory is not for sale. No part of the AGA Researcher Directory may be reproduced, stored or transmitted without written permission from the AGA.

Individuals who participate in the directory agree to not promote products or include inappropriate material in their entries. Individuals are asked to update their profile on an annual basis and are responsible for the accuracy of the information in their profiles. Individuals will indicate if their information can be shared by AGA staff to interested parties in industry. Participation in the AGA Researcher Directory implies acceptance of the terms of use.


All MD and PhD investigators who perform research in the field of digestive and liver diseases may access the AGA Researcher Directory. For AGA members, the directory may be accessed through My AGA.

Descriptors, research abstracts and available resources may be updated or revised at any time. Individuals may also opt out or in of participating at any time through deleting or reactivating their profile.


All who perform gastroenterological research are invited to participate in the AGA Researcher Directory at no cost.

Participants will be asked to indicate their goals for participating in the directory. They will select from the following categories: collaboration, mentor/mentee relationship, sharing of resources and participation in pharmaceutical trials. Participants will be able to select more than one category. The member profile will indicate their goals and allow their information to be shared with those that match their goals. A research abstract or goal for participation is required to activate a directory profile.