Imaging and Advanced Technology

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Alternatives to Colonoscopy for CRC Screening Are Works in Progress 04/23/2015
Top Picks from May CGH, Gastro 04/21/2015
PEC Does Not Decrease Bleeding After WF-EMR 04/16/2015
AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology is a Supply Chain Referee 04/16/2015
The Latest in GI Innovation and Technology 03/26/2015
AGA Resources for CRC Point-of-Care 03/12/2015
To Band or Not to Band … 02/12/2015
Technique for Retrieving Basket and Lithotripter During ERCP 02/05/2015
Transoral Fundoplication Is an Effective Treatment of Regurgitation in GERD Patients 01/29/2015
Infection Risk with Duodenoscopes used for ERCP 01/22/2015
2D-MRE Predicts Advanced Fibrosis in Patients With NAFLD 12/11/2014
What Topic Do You Propose for the 2016 James W. Freston Conference? 10/30/2014
Gastroenterologists Present United Front on Capitol Hill 09/25/2014
GastroSlides Focus on Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension 09/04/2014
Low Rate of Large Polyps Within 10 Years After an Adequate Baseline Colonoscopy With No Polyps 07/31/2014
AGA Center Answers Current GI Challenges, Unmet Needs 06/18/2014
Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction After Cholecystectomy 06/05/2014
CRC Rates Down 30 Percent 03/20/2014
Endoscopic Resection is Successful for Patients with mAC 03/13/2014
Nurse Trainees Perform Colonoscopies with High-Quality Standards 03/13/2014
Follow-Up Tests Improve CRC Recurrence Detection 02/13/2014
Advanced Imaging Technologies Increase Cancer Detection in Barrett's Esophagus 12/12/2013
Association Between Body Mass Index and Quality of Split Bowel Preparation 11/14/2013
Long-Term Survival Rates for Patients with EAC is Comparable After Endoscopic Treatment vs. Surgery 10/31/2013
High In-Hospital Mortality After PEG 10/24/2013
Ultrasound Imaging of Thy1 Aids in Detection of PDAC in Mice 10/03/2013
Study in New England Journal of Medicine: Colonoscopy Saves Lives 09/19/2013
Colonoscopy Is Better than Sigmoidoscopy in Protecting Against CRC 09/17/2013
Hybrid CRC Screening Strategy Proves Cost-Effective 09/05/2013
Esophageal Sphincter Device Improves GERD Symptoms 08/01/2013
Accuracy of SICUS, Compared With CT Enteroclysis, in Characterizing Lesions in Patients With Crohn's Disease 07/25/2013
Cancer Risk After CT Exposure in Childhood or Adolescence 06/06/2013
Results of Endoscopic Treatment for Early-Stage EAC With Low-Risk sm1 Invasion 05/30/2013
New for 2013, AGA-ASGE Presidential Plenary a First at DDW® 05/16/2013
Patients Do Not Recall Important Details About Polyps, Required for Colorectal Cancer Prevention 05/09/2013
A Message from Drs. David Katzka and Prateek Sharma, Course Directors, 2013 Freston Conference 05/02/2013
NKS Does Not Increase the Risk of Pancreatitis in Patients with Difficult Biliary Cannulation 04/18/2013
CRC Screening Interval After Negative Colonoscopy 04/04/2013
CGH Image of the Month 04/04/2013
Registration Discounts for Spring Postgraduate Course End Soon 03/21/2013
Automated Intervention Increases Uptake of CRC Screening 03/14/2013
Patient Attitudes to Colonoscopy and the Importance of Endoscopist Interaction 03/14/2013
Still Time to Register for the 2013 AGA Tech Summit 03/07/2013
2013 Freston Conference Registration Now Open 02/14/2013
Regional Variation in Anesthesia Assistance During Outpatient Colonoscopy 02/14/2013
CRC Surgery Patients Receive Surveillance Earlier than Recommended 02/07/2013
Laser Pill Has Potential Benefits Over Upper GI Endoscopy 02/07/2013
Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screening Is Most Appropriate With a Life Expectancy More Than 10 Years 01/31/2013
UpToDate® — Smarter Decisions. Better Care. 01/24/2013
Real-Time Optical Biopsy of Colon Polyps With NBI Does Not Yet Meet Key Clinical Decision Thresholds 01/24/2013
Incomplete Polyp Resection During Colonoscopy — Results of the CARE Study 01/10/2013
Accurate Valuation of GI Services Cannot Happen Without You 08/09/2012
GI-Performed Colonoscopy Improves Success Rate 06/21/2012
Hand-Picked Sessions Useful in Day-to-Day Practice 05/03/2012
Medicine vs. Surgery for Crohn’s: Which Is Better? 04/26/2012
Do Physicians Understand Cancer Screening Statistics? 03/29/2012
Questions Remain from Anesthesia Utilization Study 03/29/2012
Screening Based on CRC Risk Is the Most Cost-Effective Approach 03/22/2012
AGA Reacts to Anesthesia Utilization Study 03/22/2012
Measure Appropriate Screening Intervals 03/09/2012
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 03/08/2012
FIT Patients More Likely to Participate in Screening 03/01/2012
AGA Leaders Reflect on History and Significance of NPS 03/01/2012
Hypnosis May Benefit Kids with IBS, Chronic Stomach Pain 03/01/2012
Colonoscopies May Help Reduce Deaths from Colon Cancer 02/23/2012
Overcoming Obstacles to Quality Measurement 02/16/2012
A Whirlwind Day on Capitol Hill 02/16/2012
Nominations Open: Council Section Research Mentor Awards 12/08/2011
EGEC Wins Quality Improvement Award 12/06/2011
The Role of Capsule Endoscopy in GI Practice in 2012 11/10/2011
Could Listening to Mozart Help Doctors Spot Colon Polyps? 11/03/2011
Nominations Open for Council Section Research Mentor Awards 10/15/2011
Variation in Reoperation Is Indicator of Surgical Performance 08/26/2011
Granularity Is Significant Predictor of Disease Activity in UC 05/24/2011
Imaging Improves Diagnosis of Chronic GI Ischemia 03/07/2011
How to Write a Scientific Abstract — a Reviewer’s Perspective 02/09/2011
NLM Information Resource Grants to Reduce Health Disparities (G08) 06/11/2010
High Rate of Dysplasia Is Based on Polyp Size 04/13/2010