Gallbladder disorders


Feb. 1, 2018

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Digestive Disease Week® (DDW)

Dec. 19, 2017

Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) is the premier meeting for the GI professional. Every year it attracts approximately 15,000 physicians, researchers and academics from around the world who desire to stay up-to-date in the field.

Image Challenge: An Unusual Cause of Biliary Colic

Sept. 19, 2017

What causes episodes of biliary colic in a patient with a normal gallbladder and dilated common bile duct with no stones seen?

Can Exposure to Aflatoxin Cause Gallbladder Cancer?

Aug. 31, 2017

Researchers report gallbladder cancers could be partly due to aflatoxin, a toxin produced by a fungi that grows on corn and peanuts. Read more on the AGA Journals blog.

Four Susceptibility Loci for Gallstone Disease Identified in a Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies

Aug. 1, 2016

We identified 4 loci in genes that have putative functions in cholesterol metabolism and transport, and sulfonylation of bile acids or hydroxysteroids.

An Unusual Cause of Massive Ascites

July 20, 2016

July Gastroenterology image challenge focuses on patient who developed fever, jaundice and abdominal distention during his hospital stay.

Ask the Experts: ROME IV

July 13, 2016

A lot has changed in 10 years in the diagnosis and management of functional GI disorders. ROME IV authors are available to answer your questions.

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Special Issue of Gastro Covers Full Range of Functional GI Disorders

May 3, 2016

This collaboration between Gastro and the Rome Foundation offers a series of reviews on functional GI disorders, which set the scene for Rome IV.

DDSEP 8 - Question Bank Only

April 12, 2016

Assess your knowledge with more than 800 questions, answers and rationales.

DDSEP 8 - Complete

April 12, 2016

The eighth edition of AGA's premier GI education program features new and expanded content to help you enhance your knowledge, build expertise and improve patient care.