AGA is active in establishing and working vigorously in coalitions with other medical specialty, research and patient advocacy organizations. Our activities with coalitions help develop a broader constituency and enhance our clout in advocating for key public policy priorities. 

Alliance of Specialty Medicine

AGA is a founding member of the Alliance of Specialty Medicine, which was formed in 2001. A coalition of 13 medical specialty societies, the alliance was created to offer a collective voice for sound public health policy that ensures access to quality health care. The alliance focuses on four major public policy issues: Medicare, medical liability reform, patient safety and patients' bill of rights.

National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

For many years, AGA has participated and taken a leadership role in the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, a coalition of more than 50 medical professional, consumer advocacy and voluntary organizations committed to raising awareness about the prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer.

Digestive Disease National Coalition

AGA takes a leadership role in the Digestive Disease National Coalition, an organization of professional societies and patient advocacy organizations committed to improving the lives of those suffering from digestive diseases by promoting research, education and awareness, and improved patient care.

Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research Funding / Friends of the VA

AGA vigorously supports the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research Funding and Friends of the VA in their quest to adequately fund biomedical research within the NIH and Veterans Affairs (VA) systems. The Ad Hoc Group was instrumental in the NIH budget-doubling initiative from 1999-2003 and AGA played an active part in this campaign. The Friends of the VA plays an important role in building coalitions to support VA research efforts.

Council of Subspecialty Societies

AGA collaborates with the Council of Subspecialty Societies on many issues important to internal medicine, including education and training, improved reimbursement, health information technology and chronic disease management programs.

American Medical Association

AGA has collaborated with the American Medical Association on Medicare physician reimbursement, medical liability reform and patient safety legislation.

Friends of the VA (FOVA)

AGA has been a member of Friends of the VA (FOVA) which has been instrumental in increasing funding for the Medical and Prosthetic Research Program at the VA.  For the past few year, FOVA recommendations were reflective in the funding for the VA research programs which saw significant increases.

Partnership to Improve Patient Care

AGA is a member of the Partnership to Improve Patient Care (PIPC) whose goal is to raise awareness about the value of well-designed comparative effectiveness research (CER). The important role of continued medical innovation as part of the solution to cost and quality challenges in health care, and the need to ensure that proposals to expand the government’s role in CER are centered on patient and provider needs. AGA serves on the PIPC Steering Committee which is comprised of patient, physicians and other health care providers that have come together to ensure that CER is patient-centered and does not stifle medical innovation.