AGA International Committee

International and International Corresponding Membership

Physicians/scientists outside of North America now have several options for AGA membership. Depending on your country of residence, you may be eligible for international corresponding membership.

Residents of Mexico also have several options for AGA membership.

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To further the Strategic Plan by developing and implementing a global strategy that will (1) increase the prominence of AGA within the international gastroenterology community; and (2) meet the needs of international constituencies through education.

For more information on the AGA International Committee's mission and committee structure please view our organizational statement.

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AGA International Members

Roughly 25 percent of all AGA members live outside the U.S. This is a significant demographic of AGA membership and one that AGA is very interested in expanding. The AGA International Committee strives to ensure that the needs of our international members are consistently met, and understand that these needs are often distinct from those members living in the U.S. For example, approximately 30 percent of AGA members living outside the U.S. hold a PhD or similar degree, compared to only 8 percent of AGA members in the U.S. As a result, in the upcoming year the committee will focus on making links to translated scientific material readily available, and on coordinating with volunteer translators to grow the body of translated material available.

International AGA members live in 108 countries all over the world. The chart below shows the number of AGA members from each country (as of June 2017):

Canada 579 Japan 408 Australia 332
United Kingdom 191 Mexico 190 Germany 167
Netherlands 133 India 115 Switzerland 100
Brazil 93 Italy 90 Belgium 77
Israel 69 Republic of Korea 57 Thailand 57
Ireland 54 France 49 Spain 44
Argentina 43 Pakistan 34 Taiwan 34
Colombia 31 Peru 30 Singapore 30
Iran 29 New Zealand 29 Greece 27
Nigeria 26 Sweden 26 Egypt 24
Denmark 22 Romania 22 China 21
Saudi Arabia 21 Norway 19 Austria 18
Hong Kong 18 Philippines 18 Turkey 18
South Africa 16 Portugal 14 United Arab Emirates 14
Poland 13 Czech Republic 12 Guatemala 12
Chile 11 Dominican Republic 11 Ecuador 11
Finland 10 Russia 10 Kenya 9
Ukraine 9 Malaysia 8 Qatar 7
Serbia 7 El Salvador 6 Honduras 6
Hungary 6 Kuwait 6 Panama 6
Indonesia 5 Nicaragua 5 Cyprus 4
Jordan 4 Lebanon 4 Bahrain 3
Iraq 3 Korea, DR 3 Latvia 3
Slovenia 3 Sri Lanka 3 Uruguay 3
Vietnam 3 Albania 2 Barbados 2
Brunei Darussalam 2 Bulgaria 2 Costa Rica 2
Iceland 2 Netherlands Antilles 2 Palestine 2
Sudan 2 Tunisia 2 Venezuela 2
Aruba 1 Bangladesh 1 Belize 1
Bermuda 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 Botswana 1
Cameroon 1 Cote d'Ivoire 1 Croatia 1
Cuba 1 Ghana 1 Haiti 1
Jamaica 1 Kosovo 1 Mozambique 1
Myanmar 1 Oman 1 Paraguay 1
Slovakia 1 Trinidad and Tobago 1 Uzbekistan 1

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Educational Materials and Medical Position Statements

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Translated Materials

The AGA is continuously expanding our body of translated material. Check this site often for links to translated material. If there is something you would specifically like to see translated, or would like to volunteer to translate articles or material please contact Jeff Springer.

Academic Resources Available in…
Resources for International Authors English
Gastroenterology Journal Spanish
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Russian
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Japanese
Translated Videos Available in…
Gastroenterology Korean
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian

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  • Linda Rabeneck, MD, MPH (chair)
  • Suraia B. Barclay, MD, AGAF
  • Walter W. Chan, MD, MPH
  • John Y. Kao, MD, AGAF
  • Gilaad G. Kaplan, MD, MPH, AGAF
  • Tercio L. Lopez, MD
  • Ranjan C.V. Mascarenhas, MBBS, MD
  • Edgardo Smecuol, MD
  • Dario R. Sorrentino, MD
  • Hidekazu Suzuki, MD, PhD, AGAF
  • Maisa I. Abdalla, MD, MPH (trainee member)
  • Z. John J. Chen, MD, PhD, AGAF (invitee)

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