2014-09-17 22:38:52 UTC

The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids

The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids provides the parents of your overweight and obese pediatric patients with practical advice, stories, and examples from other families and children. Here is the knowledge these parents need to navigate the paths of raising healthy children.

This book has answers to questions from concerned parents and success stories to share, plus more than 60 kid-friendly recipes, many contributed by professional chefs who want to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

About the Author

Miriam B. Vos, MD, MSPH
Miriam Vos, MD, MSPH, a nationally known pediatric gastroenterologist, has cared for many children facing liver disease, diabetes, and other serious health issues because of obesity. She has seen the healing power of three research-supported changes: reducing sugar, increasing activity, and preparing family meals at home. In this practical and positive guide for parents, Dr. Vos shows how to change the habits that many families have slipped into and gives specific ways to improve health — without diets, guilt trips, or power struggles.

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