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AGA-R. Robert & Sally Funderburg Research Award in Gastric Cancer

Application Deadline: Aug. 4, 2017
Start Date: Oct. 1, 2017

Total Award Amount: $100,000
Term: Two years
Number of Awards: 1
Eligible Categories: Established Investigators

(Please note the details below refer to the 2018 award and are subject to change. The 2019 award will be posted June 2018.) 


This award provides $50,000 per year for two years (totaling $100,000) to an established investigator working on novel approaches in gastric cancer research.



The objective of this award is to support an established investigator in the field of gastric biology whose research will enhance the fundamental understanding of gastric cancer pathobiology to ultimately prevent or develop a cure for the disease. Applications that do not denote a gastric biology focus and are not responsive to this announcement will not be submitted for review.



  • Candidates must hold a full‐time faculty position at an accredited North American institution.
  • Candidates must be established as an independent investigator in the field of gastric biology.
  • AGA membership is required at the time of application submission. Please visit www.gastro.org or call 301-654-2055, extension 651, for membership information.
  • Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.



  • The proposed research must focus on gastric cancer research, including:
    • The fields of gastric mucosal cell biology;
    • Regeneration and regulation of cell growth (not as they relate to peptic ulcer disease or repair);
    • Inflammation (including Helicobacter pylori) as precancerous lesions;
    • Genetics of gastric carcinoma;
    • Oncogenes in gastric epithelial malignancies;
    • Epidemiology of gastric cancer;
    • Etiology of gastric epithelial malignancies; or
    • Clinical research in the diagnosis or treatment of gastric carcinoma.
  • A letter of recommendation should be provided by the candidate’s Division Chief or Department Chair and should outline support of the candidate and their research program.
  • Allowable Costs:
    • Funds may be used to support the salary and benefits of the primary investigator;
    • Research assistants;
    • Biostatistics support;
    • Laboratory technicians;
    • Supplies and/or equipment.  
  • Unallowable Costs:
    • Indirect costs; and
    • Travel costs are not allowed.
  • Upon notification of receipt of this award, the recipient must provide approval from the appropriate institution committee for use of human subjects or animals. If approval is not necessary, the recipient must provide an explanation.
  • A scientific and financial progress report must be submitted to the AGA upon completion of the project and as needed upon request. Subsequent funding is depending on submission of this report.



At the time of application submission, candidates may not hold awards directly related to the proposed research from other organizations (i.e., government agency, foundation, academic institution, professional society, etc.).  If the candidate is granted the award and notified of a comparable award from another agency prior to the first payment of this award, the recipient must select one of the two awards (i.e., the recipient may not retain both awards).



The recipient will be selected based on the following criteria: significance, investigator, innovation, approach, environment, evidence of institutional commitment, and relevance to AGA’s mission. Preference will be given to novel approaches.



A selection committee comprising members of the AGA Research Awards Panel will review the proposals and select the award recipients. Funding will commence October 2017.



The application deadline is Aug. 4, 2017. Applications must be submitted through the AGA Grants Management System, accessible at http://www.gastro.org/research-funding. Application materials will not be accepted via mail, fax, or email. Select the “Apply Now” button to create an account and/or submit an application. Please direct all questions to the AGA Awards Program at awards@gastro.org.


For more information about this award and other research funding opportunities, visit the AGA website at http://www.gastro.org/research-funding.


Support of this program by the R. Robert and Sally D. Funderburg Charitable Trust is gratefully acknowledged.

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