2015-10-01 18:06:17 UTC

14th Issue of Gastroenterology: Genetics, Genetic Testing and Biomarkers of Digestive Diseases

Oct. 1, 2015

Special issue lays a foundation and provides a current understanding of the approach to precision medicine for several GI disorders.

This special 14th issue of Gastroenterology provides a new and timely reference on genetics, genetic testing and biomarkers of digestive diseases. Special issue editors John M. Carethers, MD, Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD, and Bruce E. Sands, MD, MS, recruited leading authorities to update readers on this fast-evolving area of research and practice. The 12 reviews and two commentaries in this issue cover many aspects of the GI tract, hepatobiliary system and pancreas. The commentaries are more general than disease-focused, and offer perspective on the generation and recording of genetic information.

This issue comes at a time when there have been significant advances in genetic research. The studies presented highlight how fast information has moved, and how quickly biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets for treatment purposes are lining up for phased human clinical studies, pharmaceutical testing portfolios and routine patient use. The transformation from bench to practice has been greatly accelerated with newer and cheaper genomic analytic capabilities and information technologies, and the rapid dissemination of information. New molecular biomarker tests are being put out to the clinical commercial market on a regular basis. Many aspects of this rapid change have and will continue to become part of daily clinical GI practice.

To understand the latest in this evolving and exciting area, review the full 14th issue now.

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