2015-07-29 14:56:53 UTC

AGA Guidelines Patients Can Understand

July 29, 2015

AGA has developed four patient summaries to help GIs communicate new guidelines effectively and efficiently with their patients.

To help patients better understand the latest clinical information presented in AGA guidelines, AGA has started creating patient guideline summaries that:

  • Provide information for patients on the clinical issue addressed by the guideline.
  • Explain the recommendations and their impact on patient care.
  • Pose helpful questions for patients to ask their gastroenterologists related to the guideline.

The patient guideline summaries support physicians in their efforts to effectively communicate important information to their patients and empower the patient and physician to work together to make the most informed and appropriate care decisions possible. As they are published, the patient guideline summaries will be available in Gastroenterology and on the AGA website. Current patient summaries include:  

AGA has a rigorous guideline development process that develops focused, actionable clinical recommendations based on in-depth reviews of all available evidence. To supplement the robust portfolio of guidelines, each new guideline is supplemented by a clinical decision support tool, an illustrated algorithm based on the evidence presented in the technical review, and a patient summary. These tools can be used at the point of clinical care to help with rapid decision making. 

Read more about AGA’s guideline process and the development of supplementary tools. 

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