2015-06-16 16:22:21 UTC

Can Plant Botanicals Prevent Cancer?

June 16, 2015

Nursing student Alicia A. Frieburg will explore this question during an AGA-funded summer fellowship.

Your AGA Research Foundation gifts support Alicia A. Frieburg, from University of Iowa, who received the 2015 AGA Investing in the Future Student Research Fellowship Award.

“I am deeply honored to receive the AGA Investing in the Future Student Research Fellowship Award and I would like to thank AGA and the AGA Research Foundation donors for providing such a unique opportunity for those of us who otherwise would not have the means to explore scientific research. As a nursing student, being well-versed in scientific research has profound implications on how I will communicate health findings with my future patient community.”

“This summer I will be working with Dr. Goel to explore the use of epigenetics in understanding GI cancers and using botanicals to prevent these cancers. I am particularly drawn to this research because epigenetics is such an up-and-coming area to be researched and I am excited to delve into its involvement in disease prevention. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic for the use of plant botanicals to prevent cancer, as ultimately good health will depend on the power of diet.”

Learn more about the AGA Research Foundation and the AGA Investing in the Future Student Research Fellowship Award.

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