2016-09-26 20:00:25 UTC

Flex Your Endorsement Muscle

Sept. 27, 2016

Use the 'recommend' button in AGA Community to endorse a response and boost its value to the discussion author.

Over 30 percent of discussion threads in the AGA Community forum are started by physicians requesting second opinions on important next steps and diagnoses in a de-identified patient case. Members may not feel comfortable posting a response, especially if an expert has already voiced his or her opinion on the matter. However, you can still make an impact by taking advantage of the “recommend” button, which is included on every post and response within the community forum.

The button is similar to a “like” on a post in traditional social media. The amount of recommends helps illustrate the amount of support a response or opinion has from the rest of the community. 

It’s simple to respond via your Daily Digest or online:

  • Daily Digest:Click the orange “recommend” link at the bottom of the post.
  • Online: Click the “recommend” button in the gray bar, located to the right of the post’s title.

View discussions in the AGA Community forum and recommend responses you support. Some recent patient cases posted include questions about a gastric carcinoid and vedulizumab in pregnancy.

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