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GI SAM: AGA Winter Postgraduate Course

May 12, 2015

A special entry in the GI SAM® series, the AGA Winter Postgraduate Course modules, were developed based on the same course held during the 2015 AGA Clinical Congress.

Identify knowledge gaps and improve your understanding and treatment of a wide variety of GI and hepatology disorders. AGA’s GI Self-Assessment Modules® (GI SAM) series is entirely Web-based, and modules are presented in an interactive, case-based format with comprehensive testing scenarios.

With the AGA Winter Postgraduate Course modules, you can review the medical knowledge needed to help you effectively manage and treat patients with:

Module 1 Module 2
• Eosinophilic esophagitis • HCV
• Barrett's esophagus • NAFLD
• GERD • Gallbladder dyskinesia
• Esophageal motility • Liver lesions
• Gluten sensitivity, and more • IBD, and more

Each module includes recorded video, with audio, from the live course. References for further study and detailed images are also included in the modules.

Physicians can earn up to 10 AMA PRA Category Credits™ and 10 points towards ABIM Maintenance of Certification. As a member benefit, eligible physician members* and trainee members receive complimentary access to GI SAM.

Purchase the modules now.

*Must have successfully completed a GI fellowship program within the last three years. International corresponding members and international affiliate members are not eligible for this benefit.

More on Barrett's Esophagus

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We describe a novel porcine 3-dimensional culture model that reproduces esophageal submucosal gland proliferation in vivo associated with cancer and injury.

Late Recurrence of Barrett’s Esophagus After Complete Eradication of Intestinal Metaplasia is Rare: Final Report From Ablation in Intestinal Metaplasia Containing Dysplasia Trial

Sept. 1, 2017

Endoscopic surveillance of patients with BE treated with radiofrequency ablation will likely be of diminishing value as the time since ablation grows.

Cost Effectiveness of Screening Patients With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease for Barrett’s Esophagus With a Minimally Invasive Cell Sampling Device

Sept. 1, 2017

We found Cytosponge screening with endoscopic confirmation to be a cost-effective strategy.