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Gut Helpers: What Can be Expected of Probiotics?

March 29, 2016

Fact sheet outlines current knowledge of probiotics and how they can be used in clinical practice.

Over the past two decades — in the wake of the expanding area of gut microbiota research — a large number of trials have demonstrated the principal capacity of probiotics to help reverting dysbiosis and contribute to the maintenance and restoration of digestive and immune health.

Philippe Marteau, a professor at Paris 7 University, France, who chaired a session on gut microbiota interventions at the 2016 Gut Microbiota For Health World Summit, provides a straightforward and engaging overview of probiotics in this fact sheet from the meeting.  

The fact sheet explains:

  • How probiotics work — the various mechanisms and pathways.
  • Whether probiotic effects can be attributed to specific bacterial species or rather to strains.
  • Advantages of probiotics.
  • Controversial issues with probiotics.

View additional fact sheets, video interviews and other resources from the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit. 

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