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Help Patients Find You through the New AGA GI Locator

April 19, 2016

Be sure you opt in to the service and complete your profile.

The AGA GI Locator Service, which allows patients to search for GIs to meet their needs, has recently expanded with a number of new offerings.

New Features
Patients can now search for gastroenterologists using first and last names, sub-specialty preferences and expanded mileage beyond a zip code (up to 50 miles). Once they've initiated searches, patients will see snapshot bios of members who are part of the database, which can include names, sub specialty, practice website (with a link) and more. Clicking the name, or the “eye” icon on the top right of your information, patients will then be taken to a full physician profile page.

Update Your Profile
Make sure when patients are looking for a GI, they can easily find you.

To update your profile, follow these quick steps:

  1. Make sure you opt-in to the GI Locator Service. You are not automatically part of it. To do this:
    • Sign in to “My AGA” on gastro.org.
    • Click the “My Information” link within the welcome box.
    • Underneath the change password link is the link to opt-in to the AGA GI Locator Service. Click the link and you will be added right away.
  2. Once you are part of the GI Locator Service, a button will appear on the “My Information” page, underneath the change password link. The button says “View/Edit Your Physician Profile.” Clicking the button will take you to the profile page that patients will see. Edit as you see fit. We encourage you to include as much information as possible, especially your practice website.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Herrington, AGA senior patient communications manager.

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