2017-03-23 14:41:35 UTC

House Vote on Health-Care Legislation Expected Today

March 23, 2017

AGA remains committed to ensuring patients have access to health care, including preventive benefits.

The full House is expected to vote today on the American Health Care Act, legislation that was introduced at the beginning of March. Even though it appears unlikely that Republicans have enough votes to pass the legislation, Republican leadership, President Trump and Vice President Pence have been conducting meetings with members to try to secure support.

In meetings today, AGA heard that, in an attempt to win conservative votes, Republican leadership is considering removing essential health benefits from the proposed legislation, which includes screenings. AGA, and many members of Congress, think this would be a mistake. AGA is on Capitol Hill coordinating with our champions in Congress to ensure that the concerns of GIs are being heard. It remains to be seen whether essential benefits will be stripped out of the bill, since Democrats in Senate say it violates the rules and will be ruled non-germane under reconciliation.

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