2018-02-14 19:56:07 UTC

How Can You Land that First Interview?

Feb. 15, 2018

Five things to think about as you take the next step in your career.

Whether you’re considering a career in an academic, private or hybrid setting, the first step is the same: getting your foot in the door.

James H. Tabibian, MD, PhD, provided insight at a recent AGA Regional Practice Skills Workshop into the variables at play in securing an interview. You should consider:

  • Timing: When you should start the process.
  • Contact Method: How should you make initial contact.
  • Personnel: The role your mentor plays in this.
  • Content: The different platforms available to reach a potential employer.
  • Follow Up: The form and the frequency of contact with a potential employer.

Dr. Tabibian's full presentation is available as a member benefit (login required).

Interested in attending a workshop? We'll be having one on Feb. 24 at the James Cancer Hospital-Wasserstrom Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio and one on April 11 at the UPenn Biomedical Research Building.

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