2016-10-13 15:11:33 UTC

AGA Members Share GI Slides

Oct. 13, 2016

AGA members share their slides and advice for GI medical education in AGA Community. Slides cover the spectrum of GI disorders.

AGA member John Vermeulen, MD, posted in AGA Community this week asking about the best places to find a wide variety of GI topics in PowerPoint/slide form. Thanks to all of the AGA members who have shared their resources or recommendations. Visit the discussion to view slides on GI motility, H. pylori and disease, GI cancer pathology, GERD, NAFLD, IBD, autoimmune pancreatitis and hereditary pancreatitis, and much more, generously shared by your AGA colleagues.

In addition to the slides members shared, several responses highlighted resources that are available for AGA members:

Andres Cardenas, MD, PhD: I strongly recommend your look at the slides made by the AGA for teaching purposes. Check them out at https://www.gastroslides.org/. This is the former Gastroenterology Teaching Project. These slides are a comprehensive collection of an array of topics on major GI and liver disease topics. I use many of these slides to teach residents and fellows.

Have a similar question or want to help your colleagues out by joining the discussion? Visit AGA Community to connect with your colleagues today.

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