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AGA Unveils New Patient Care Tool

Aug. 2, 2016

We now offer a library of materials to make patient care more efficient and valuable with easy-to-read, practical information for your patients.

By J. Sumner Bell, MD, AGAF
Patient Initiative Advisor

Gastroenterology Ltd, Virginia Beach, VA

As a GI in a busy practice, I know how hard it is to ensure patients have the credible and unbiased information they need to manage their care. While getting a patient up to speed is an important part of high-quality care, it’s often complicated by language barriers and low education levels.

Good news: As an AGA member, we can now access AGA’s new (free) PatientINFO Center. Rely on this library of materials to make patient care more efficient and valuable with easy-to-read, practical information for your patients before, during and after their appointments.

AGA staff and I worked with clinician colleagues to create the materials, so you can be sure they are reliable. To improve patient understanding, we wrote everything at a low reading level, in both English and Spanish.

Each topic is broken down into bite-size sections (such as testing options, diet suggestions, etc.), allowing you to choose what’s appropriate for your patient at a specific moment, or you can access all of them in one document. View content online or via PDF documents that you can download and input into your EHR or print and provide directly to patients.

This is just the beginning. Look for more patient education materials, new topics and new tools for you to use in clinical practice. Take a look around and view the PatientINFO Center today.

The PatientINFO Center currently holds 25 GI-related topics covering various conditions, procedures, diet and medications. This content is a benefit of your AGA membership, so you’ll need your login information.

Barrett’s esophagus



Clostridum Difficile


Hepatitis C

Capsule endoscopy

Eosinophilic esophagitis


Celiac disease


Irritable bowel syndrome





Food Allergies and




Peptic ulcer disease

Colorectal cancer


Upper GI endoscopy

CT colonography


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