2017-06-27 15:21:29 UTC

New Patient Education Section Launched in CGH

July 3, 2017

One-page write-ups on digestive disorders will be available each month to help you engage with your patients.

AGA aims to help our members stimulate conversations with their patients on a variety of digestive disorders and procedures. A new monthly patient education section in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH) is the latest extension of the AGA Patient Engagement Initiative, launched in 2016. 

The Patient Education Section provides one-page write-ups of digestive disorders, derived from content in the AGA Patient Info Center, which were written and reviewed by experts in the field, with a new GI topic addressed each month. The content was prepared at the lowest literacy level possible to ensure accessibility by a wide audience. The printed pages will serve as a meaningful take-away and cue to action for patients during point of care interactions. Additional copies are available for order. 

Check out the entire digital library of patient education at patientinfo.gastro.org and check out the new topic each month featured in CGH.


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