2017-09-06 19:04:55 UTC

AGA's On-Demand Webinars Can Help you Build An Obesity Program

Sept. 6, 2017

Watch these recordings, exclusively for AGA members, to find out how to expertly and efficiently integrate an obesity program into your practice.

The AGA Obesity Practice Guide helps you integrate and operationalize obesity management in your practice for financial success. AGA hosted seven webinars to enhance the Obesity Practice Guide and provide guidance for physicians interested in creating or expanding an obesity management program in their practice. 
The webinars covered what to expect, as well as best practices and tips for successfully implementing an obesity program. The recordings are available for AGA members only in the AGA Community resource library:
  1. AGA Solutions to Successful Obesity Program Integration
  2. Intro to the AGA Episode of Care for Obesity          
  3. Incorporating Pharmaceuticals and Medication Management      
  4. Incorporating Nutritional Counseling          
  5. Incorporating Behavioral Consultation       
  6. Lessons from a Large GI Group
  7. Lessons from a Solo GI Practitioner
Login and view the full list of recordings. If you have questions about obesity management and how to begin, you can post them in the forum for Drs. Streett and Acosta. 
We’re also interested in hearing your challenges and successes in implementing an obesity program in your practice. Share your experience with the community. 

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