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Now Live: June/July Issue of AGA Perspectives

July 23, 2015

Experts provide their takes on whether chromoendoscopy is ready for prime time.

The June/July 2015 Issue of AGA Perspectives is now available, featuring adebate on chromoendoscopy and whether or not it's becoming the standard technique for colon cancer surveillance in IBD patients. 

Experts provide their takes on whether the technology is ready for prime time, especially in light of recently published SCENIC guidelines. James F. Marion, MD, argues that chromoendoscopy should become an integral part of IBD surveillance going forward, while Thomas Ullman, MD, explains why he believes the technology is not quite there yet.

Also in this issue, Seth Gross, MD, provides his perspective on the wide variety of new tools for enhanced detection of colon polyps and David Graham, MD, addresses the continuing confusion surrounding treatment strategies for H. pylori infection.

Read the latest issue now in AGA Perspectives.

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