2017-11-20 16:15:52 UTC

Q&A with GI Women Society Presidents

Nov. 27, 2017

GI society presidents shared their thoughts on taking on a leadership role and how they see the profession evolving.

To celebrate all four U.S. gastroenterology and hepatology societies having female presidents for the first time, AGA President Sheila E. Crowe, MD, AGAF, AASLD President Anna S. Lok MD, FAASLD, ACG President Carol A. Burke MD, FACG, and ASGE President Karen L. Woods MD, FASGE, shared their experiences as president, where they see the GI profession going and advice on taking on a leadership role.

Dr. Crowe kicked things off:

What motivated you to take on a leadership position?

I enjoyed being involved in the activities of the AGA starting from 1995 when I was appointed to the research committee. I continued to serve as a member and chair to a variety of AGA committees. I was encouraged by Gail Hecht, the second women AGA President who served in 2009-2010, and other friends and colleagues. Given my interests and encouragement of colleagues, I applied to serve as a AGA president and in 2015 I was selected as the AGA vice-president.

How do you see the profession evolving?

I believe that there will be changes in health care delivery, a greater focus on value of health care, attempts to reduce health care costs and a greater team focus on research to enhance outcomes in digestive diseases and increased impactful basic discoveries.

What advice do you have for women in the profession considering a leadership position?

You need to have experience working within AGA and a good understanding of the mission and vision of AGA. Be prepared to effect change and support AGA members and AGA office staff. Serve on a committee and ideally as a chair, providing you are an effective leader. Consider your existing positions/roles (day job, family, etc.) before taking on a new role. Note that this advice applies to both genders. Once you decide that you want to apply for an AGA Leadership position, prepare and then go for it!

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