2017-11-27 23:53:18 UTC

Research Opportunities for International AGA Members

Dec. 6, 2017

AGA's CORE program helps international members connect with U.S. institutions for basic and clinical research opportunities.

AGA has developed the Clinical Observation and Research Education (CORE) Program to help international doctors/trainees participate in research opportunities in the United States.

CORE serves as a channel to facilitate connections and help pair interested AGA members with mentors and institutions who can provide basic research opportunities (one or two years) and clinical observerships (one to three months).

General Program Requirements

  • Must be an AGA member (international).
  • Must be proficient in English.
  • At the time of participation, applicant must be in the last year of his/her GI fellowship or within five years of graduating from a fellowship program.

CORE does not provide funding. Applicants and/or institutions are required to have adequate funds to cover their expenses. Arrangements, including logistics and specific requirements, might differ from place to place.

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