2017-04-20 16:36:00 UTC

Your Debrief on Health-Care Policy in the U.S.

April 20, 2017

Watch an interview with two Washington Insiders on the future of health reform and market forces shaping our health system.

Need a debrief on the health-care policy decisions being made in Washington, D.C., and the resulting impact they will have on you, as a physician? Watch this nine-minute video interview with Patrick D. Pilch and David B. Friend, MD, MBA, managing directors and co-founders of the BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence and Innovation. AGA is pleased to provide you with this expert insight from two leading consultants, who spoke during a dinner for sponsors at the 2017 AGA Tech Summit.

Mr. Pilch and Dr. Friend offer the following four insights:

1. Health-care isn’t going away, it’s coming back. When Congress returns from recess, health-care reform will be on the table again. 

2. There are three big policy differences between the Obama and Trump administrations.

Obama Administration

Trump Administration




Actuarial soundness

Power of regulation








3. There are five market forces for physicians to watch:

1. Convergence of molecular biology and computer science.
2. Increasing focus on mobile.
3. Financial risk is shifting away from the federal government and insurance companies and towards providers.
4. Move towards integrated supply chain model.
5. Movement of care from hospital to non-hospital setting.

4. MACRA isn’t going away. More on MACRA is available in this brief video interview with Lawrence Kosinski, MD, AGAF.

To understand these forecasts and how they will impact health-care providers, watch the full interview below. 

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