AGA Advocates for Fair Medicare Reimbursement



The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) significantly changes the way Medicare pays physicians.

AGA has prepared a guide to help you understand the MACRA legislation and to ensure you do everything required under the current rules in 2017.

AGA Tools to Maximize Revenue


bundled payments

AGA develops payment models to help GIs thrive. With care bundles, providers share risk and payors reward high-quality care. 

nonprocedural business lines

AGA offers non-procedural business lines in nutrition, geriatrics, and women’s health, to expand practice services and boost revenue. 

coding tools

AGA tools help you identify missed billing opportunities, avoid costly denials and protect your profits.

Price Transparency

Price transparency is a term used to describe efforts to make the price of health-care services available to consumers. The goal is to help consumers be better stewards of health-care dollars.

Technology coverage statements

AGA Technology Coverage Statements can help you obtain coverage and reimbursement from payors for technologies and therapeutics that can improve care for the patients you treat.


AGA Roadmap to the Future of GI